The Hotel

The Hotel between other Corfu hotels

Hotel Corfu Secret - our hotel view from the back side

The architectural rhythm and his manufacture travel the visitor back to the 18th and 19th century.
The discreet luxury and Venetian style with influences from French and English presence in the island, dominates in the all spaces of Corfu hotel.

Corfu Secret Boutique Hotel was not only designed to cover the needs of guests or business travellers but to cover a wide range of visitors of the island, those who seek a more personal service that cannot be found in other big hotels in Corfu more warm, more friendly, more familiar.

The Corfu Secret Hotel is designed for those who love and appreciate art, for dreamers, for those who want to travel for a while to the old romantic bygone eras.

The friendly and warm environment, the cleanness and the respect of guest wishes, aim to change the accommodation into a dream experience.

On an island such as Corfu (Kerkyra) the traveler has many choices of Corfu hotels, apartments or resorts. It has, due to its unique characteristics, come occupy a special place. From our hotel you can enjoy the fantastic breath taking view of the island.

It's capacity of 23 luxurious rooms in seven amphitheatric levels that communicate from each other with exterior marble staircases.

Corfu Secret has a reception, internal lounge, but also a wide veranda, bar and small bar next to the swimming-pool. The rooms apart from the panoramic view, they provide the all modern comforts and luxuries. The warm and familial hospitality waits our visitor.

Our experience and service make us see the visitor as a customer as someone who is very close to us … Everyone though, without exception, will enjoy the exceptional Greek hospitality, the personal service, the friendly atmosphere, the warm and sincere smiles of our staff but mostly our hotel it's suitable for its cheap prices.

You now have the Corfu Secret boutique Hotel which combines, the warm sun of Greece, the blue sea with the truly beautiful coastlines and the green mountains.