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Hotel Corfu Secret / Identification Form

Corfu Secret gives great importance to the comfort and safety of our guests. For that reason we making the check-in Registration process, seamless, contactless and easy to all our visitors, so that they do not miss even a minute from their holidays on the island.

To complete the form correctly, please read the following instructions carefully:

  • Fill in all the form with latin letters without use any special character (& ; ' ^ etc)
  • If your booking includes more that one (1) room you have to fill in separate form for every room. You can use the same reservation (booking) number.
  • If you are traveling alone, please fill in all the fields for the 2nd Guest form, same as 1st Guest.
  • If you travel with children all fields in children information form are required.
  • Booking (Reference) No : It is the reservation number or ID which you receive from the channel through which you made your reservation.
  • Booking Channel : It is the channel through which you made your reservation eg. Corfu Secret, booking.com, Expedia etc.
  • All fields with (*) are required.


1st Guest

2nd Guest

(If travel alone, please fill all the fields same as 1st visitor)

Children Information

1st Child

(If they are child with you all fields are required)

2nd Child

(If they are child with you all fields are required)

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