Covid-19 information

Information about Covid - 19

Creating a safe environment for your visit

Hotel Corfu Secret informs you:

As long as the pandemic lasts, the emergency measures mentioned here (eg arrival and departure times, cleaning schedule, etc.) prevail over all others listed on our website or on the websites of third parties and partners with our hotel.

We faithfully follow all the hygiene protocols, which it is obliged to observe based on the Law of the Greek Government but also the orders of the WHO. These protocols ensure the visitor a high degree of security against the risks of Covid-19 virus, as long as the visitor respects and harmonizes with the new hotel regulations for Covid-19 and faithfully follows the instructions of the staff. The mutual acceptance and observance of the Rules and the Protocols, ensures the healthy living of all of us.

How We are taking care of you

  • Our Hotel is Health First certified and follows the Ministry of Health's guidelines on cleaning and sanitation according to national legislation.

  • We ask all our partners who have in any way cooperated or contacted our hotel (facilities or human resources) to be Covid-19 certified.

  • Our staff is well trained to provide certified services against Covid-19.

  • Communal/Public areas are being cleaned and sanitised daily. We also disinfect surfaces and equipment after each use.

  • During breakfast, we disinfect all of the tables and chairs after each use and provide single-use cutlery wherever possible.

  • We ensure antbacterial gel is available in all areas.

  • Our staff is equipped with all the required disinfectants and cleaning products to ensure that all areas meet the highest levels of hygiene.

  • We provide all the relevant information in order to keep you as healthy and safe as possible during your stay.

  • Guests not residing in the hotel are strictly prohibited from entering the hotel even if they are relatives or friends.

  • We have changed your arrival and departure times, so that there is more time for ventilation and room cleaning. CHECK IN: 15.00 - CHECK OUT: 11.00.

  • For extra protection of your own, daily cleaning of the room is no longer done, in order to reduce the risks of transmitting the virus.

  • At our pool, we follow ongoing inspections to achieve international water safety standards for adults and children.

  • We would like to inform you that for reasons of public health protection, our hotel, following an order from the Greek Government, keeps and manages the file of your personal data for a reasonable period of time after your departure.

How You can take care of us

  • Please sanitise your hands as often as possible especially, after using the toilet. Please cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, ideally using a tissue, disposing of it safely after use and washing your hands immediately.

  • Please respectfully abide by social distancing. All communal furniture has been repositioned to meet social distancing requirements.

  • It is not allowed to rearrange - move the furniture - in all areas of the hotel such as tables - chairs, sofas, sunbeds in a position other than that which has been placed by the staff in accordance with the Law.

  • During breakfast:
    a) Respect the distances,
    b) Respect the maximum number of people at each table,
    c) Do not move tables and chairs,
    d) Do not allow to take your breakfast in the interior dining room
    e) Please, for reasons of non-congestion during breakfast, talk to the receptionist about planning your breakfast time.

  • It is forbidden to enter the breakfast factory.

  • Upon arrival at the hotel and upon departure, please wait at the appropriate point - line in front of the reception.

  • Keys or keycards left at reception must be placed inside the specified box for sanitation.

  • For additional protection of the staff, daily cleaning of the room is no longer done.

  • While you are in the room, make sure you keep the balcony door open for better ventilation of the room.

  • Never use air recirculation in A / C. You only increase or decrease the temperature according to your desire.

  • Before you enter the pool to swim but also after you get out of it, please take a shower with soap and cover your sunbed with your own towel, which should cover the entire surface of the sunbed.

  • Do not move sunbeds, tables or chairs in the pool area for any reason. They are placed there based on the Law for your safety.

  • If you experience symptoms or feel unwell, please:
    a) stay in your room,
    b) call 8 to contact the reception and specifically the hotel's health manager Mr. Spyros Laskaris, who has been specially trained to inform the doctor and follow the instructions for help,
    c) remember all the people you met and who came in contact with them,
    d) remember all the public places that you have visited in the last few hours and the objects that you have touched.

  • Please, if you develop symptoms or feel unwell after your departure from our hotel, when you will have arrived in your home, let us know immediately by sending an e-mail, so that we can take all the necessary measures to protect our fellow human beings.

Staying healthy is everyone's responsibility